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Ethrenal, 29 Apr 2014 06:46 am     Reply

I feel a deep sympathy for Tyler. I would never have been able to resist the pun.

Mindsword2 (Guest), 29 Apr 2014 11:48 am     Reply

Hmm. Good question Tyler. Hypothetically yes... but probably not. I believe if its immaterial physical stuff does nothing. However, if she has Spirit then everything goes.

Also, you gotta love Life magic.

Arcblade, 29 Apr 2014 04:22 pm     Reply

I /may/ have started giggling at Adrestia's expression with the grizzly arm.

shylarah, 29 Apr 2014 09:01 pm     Reply

That Pun.

sythiar (Guest), 30 Apr 2014 01:56 am     Reply

Ohhh... ooohhhh.... I got the pun just while writing the comment to ask what kind of pun it was. I thought it was funny. :)

Yeah... I'm not an English native.

ChibiSilverWings, 30 Apr 2014 02:47 am     Reply

@sythiar: Yeah, don't feel bad at all, "the right to bear arms" is an expression that would be more recognizable to an American than to anyone else, not to mention the difficulty of it being your non-native tongue.

Don Quixotes, 30 Apr 2014 11:27 am     Reply

Okay, after that I'm starting to like Tyler a wee bit more. That was a Hallmark moment, to be sure. But now we get to see what he can 'do', hopefully.

sythiar (Guest), 01 May 2014 05:00 pm     Reply

@ChibiSilverWings: To be honest, I didn't even read the title. I was just proud to get the joke Tyler started on before he was so rudely interrupted. I don't feel bad either way. :)