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PrimroseFrost, 05 Nov 2013 09:22 am     Reply

The return of the magic buttons! I am more than happy to see them back; the interactive elements are ridiculously fun. I may have clicked the button something like ten times.

One slight issue, though. In the frame after the spell, should it be, "She didn't break her stare, and she focused on the goal: to know how old he was." instead of two separate sentences?

Profpatsch, 05 Nov 2013 10:28 am     Reply

But you have to hold down the mouse to see the effect in its full glory.

PrimroseFrost, 05 Nov 2013 01:31 pm     Reply

Oh, I have, Profpatsch. I just thought the comment was running long enough as it was. XD

ButcherCat, 10 Nov 2013 11:13 pm     Reply

Oh my god, Curio is so terrified and confused, it's adorable!