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Don Quixotes, 11 Jul 2013 09:47 am     Reply

GG, WP Amical.

IceAngelRae, 11 Jul 2013 04:58 pm     Reply

BRAVO! BRAVO! *Stands up and claps.*
Can't wait for more!!

Oh Amical...-Can someone deny him his yandere-ness?-

Profpatsch (Guest), 12 Jul 2013 05:28 am     Reply

*Slow claps*

Fantastic first chapter. Lots of hatred I didn’t even know I had towards Amical.

I just wished you had more time to make these, a daily release would be fantastic. Or slightly longer pages.

aqua (Guest), 13 Jul 2013 12:56 am     Reply

the pile of collars on the table, is that extras or what

Shadowednavi, 13 Jul 2013 08:40 am     Reply

@aqua: OH yeah, sorry we forgot to mention - those extra collars on the table are for all of you guys, as thanks for sticking around with us for the first chapter :D :D :D :D

IceAngelRae, 31 Jul 2015 09:43 am     Reply

They're so stylish!
@Shadowednavi: I'll take mine now please!

InfiniteIon, 13 Jul 2013 09:25 am     Reply

Oh god, why did you make Amical turn around?! Why?!

Also, I question how the "Indifferent" man used the word 'more' in his last statement because I thought that it couldn't be used in such a manner and it's quite off putting, for me.

Alexis_Royce, 13 Jul 2013 09:28 am     Reply

*Amical giggles and prepares to collar the whole lot of you. The comic was a trap all along.*

9thDoc, 17 Jul 2013 02:05 am     Reply

@Alexis_Royce: If this was all a trick to get me to move up there, I will be very cross.

Voidwolf, 09 Feb 2015 05:12 am     Reply

Fan Art
Loving the comic! Had to share a doodle of "curious" I did on my tablet. Enjoy!

I just wish I could do art without having to copy another artist's work.

ChibiSilverWings, 09 Feb 2015 12:51 pm     Reply

@Voidwolf: Thanks a lot man! And hey, if you keep practicing you'll keep improving :D

IceAngelRae, 31 Jul 2015 09:45 am     Reply

@Voidwolf: Oi, that's adorable art! <3